The Dos And Don'ts Of Garbage Disposal Maintenance

A garbage disposal is a very handy appliance to have in any kitchen. Just like any other appliance you need to take proper care of it or it'll become damaged and not work properly. Follow these 19 tips to ensure your garbage disposal has a long life. Much of our advice about preventing drain clogs very much applies to keeping your disposal in good working order, so read both articles.

  1. Keep your garbage disposal clean using a cleaning solution such as dish soap. Just pour it down the drain and let the disposal run for a few minutes.

  2. Always use HOT water when using your disposal, it prevents oils and grease from food from solidifying.

  3. It is good for your garbage disposal to grind small bones, small fruit pits, and eggshells. The grit from these items will help to clean the walls of the garbage disposal and prevent buildup.

  4. Be sure to cut large items into smaller pieces. If garbage pieces are too large they will clog the disposal and most likely cause damage to the machine.

  5. Make sure to use or run your disposal regularly. Infrequent use can cause the moving pieces to seize up and become unusable.

  6. Don’t turn the water off until the disposal is done grinding. It needs the flow of water to clean out the disposal.

  7. Don’t dispose of fibrous material in the garbage disposal. It will tangle around the moving parts and cause damage.

  8. Keep glass, metal, and plastic out of the disposal!

  9. Bleach or drain cleaners should NOT be used in a garbage disposal. Instead, use only mild or natural cleaning agents like dish soap, borax, or vinegar.

  10. Ice cubes are your garbage disposal's best friend! A few ice cubes in the disposal will keep the disposal clean. To how well it works in this clip.

  11. Use lemons or limes to keep your garbage disposal fresh. Just slice the fruit and feed it into the disposal.

  12. Don’t grind large bones or food. They will damage the blades and possibly cause damage to the machine.

  13. Don’t grind very starchy foods like potatoes,; the grainy starches in them will cause the gears inside the disposal to jam.

  14. Using frozen vinegar ice cubes is a great natural way to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal. Just grind a few a month and you will have a fresh disposal.

  15. If your garbage disposal has a very stubborn odor lingering make sure to use baking soda and let it sit for 2-4 hours. It will eat away at the lingering smells and stuck food eliminating all odors. This clip shows you how to do it right.

  16. You can use ice and large salt pieces to clean your disposal.

  17. Clean the entrance to the disposal thoroughly to avoid blockages and odor problems. Remember to clean it while the disposal is OFF!

  18. Do not put pasta and rice into the garbage disposal. These foods expand when exposed to water and the starch in them can cause your disposal to jam.

  19. Don’t pour grease or oil down into your garbage disposal They will solidify and cling to the disposal and can cause blockages in the future. Oil and grease are terrible for your plumbing! When oil and grease buildup gets bad enough, you may even require sewer line repair.

Remember, never put your hands or fingers near the disposal while it is running!

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