Signs That You Should Call A Pro Plumber

Don’t wait to call if you see these signs!

Sometimes you can easily fix a plumbing issue with a little elbow grease and some determination but here are a few signs that a potentially major issue is occurring with your plumbing and that you need to seek out a professional plumber ASAP!

  1. If you spot a major leak. If your toilet’s overflowing, or your bathtub is leaking, or if you see a water stain on your ceiling or floor be sure to call a professional. Leaks, even small ones can cause major damage if left untreated, such as mold and rot. In this clip you see that some leaks are hidden behind walls and need special equipment to track down. Be sure to call a professional at the first sign of a problem so they can take care of it.

  2. If you smell something foul or unpleasant and you can’t find the cause. The smell can often indicate that there is a leak or a hidden clog in your walls causing the foul smell. Mold also gives off a foul odor and can be the result of a leak in your home. If you smell something foul be sure to call a professional plumber to check your pipes for leaks or clogs.

  3. If your pipes freeze then they can crack and burst which will damage your home as soon as they thaw, all the ice will melt and make a huge problem. It's best to call a professional as soon as you notice that your pipes are frozen and allow the plumber to thoroughly assess the damage and fix the affected pipes.

  4. If you’re experiencing house wide low water pressure it could be a sign of a much worse problem, such as rust, burst pipes, tree roots in the plumbing, or a large leak. As you can see from this video, tree root removal is not for the faint of heart. Call a professional plumber ASAP to diagnose the problem.

  5. No hot water in the home. If you have absolutely no hot water coming out of your faucets it could mean that your hot water tank is broken, or that there is an electrical issue with your home that needs to be addressed by professionals.

  6. Sewage backup. If you have sewage back up there is nothing to do but call a professional plumber they will need to check for an obstruction in the pipes of your home and you need someone with a trained eye to see what the problem is.

  7. Pipe movement or poor plumbing design, sometimes a home is built without a good plumbing plan and that can cause issues in the future. When your pipes are moving and banging inside your walls, they can burst or crack, you should call a professional to come and address the issue before it develops into an even bigger and more expensive issue.

  8. An unusually high water bill can indicate a larger problem. If your water bill is unusually high from one month to the next it could mean that there is a major leak in your plumbing that you can’t see yet, it could be a dripping faucet or a leaking toilet, something simple like a small leak can become a much bigger problem if ignored, a plumber will be able to spot the leak easier than someone who doesn’t know what to look for.

Remember to always call a professional as soon as you suspect a plumbing issue it is better to address a small issue before it becomes a larger, more expensive, and more intrusive issue.

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