How To Prevent Drain Clogs

Clogged drains are disruptive and can lead to bigger problems in your home. We have compiled a list of steps to take to prevent your drains from getting clogged and how to keep them clear in the future. The first step to preventing clogged drains is to keep them clear.

These Tips Will Keep Your Drains Clear and Your Plumbing Happy

  • Don’t ever pour grease or cooking oil down the drain It can re-harden and create clogs in your drains.

  • Throw away coffee grounds in the garbage. They will settle in your drains and cause clogs.

  • Prevent drain clogs from happening in the first place! A little preventive maintenance goes a long way and can save you money down the road.

  • Install sink screens or drain gates to prevent food from going down your kitchen sink drain.

  • Install drain catchers in your bathtub, shower, and your bathroom sink to catch hair and soap scum in your bathroom drains.

  • Run hot water through the plumbing after each use. It will keep the debris moving through the pipes, avoiding build up.

    Remove buildups to keep things flowing smoothly.

  • To really remove buildup from your drains pour a half a cup of baking soda and a half a cup of vinegar down the drain and run hot water over top. This will loosen any clogs and debris and wash it all away. Do this every week for spotless drains. See this video for more information.

  • Once a week boil water in a kettle or on the stove and pour it down the drain. It will dissolve clogs and soap scum.

  • Clean all of your sink stoppers regularly.

  • Call a plumber when it's clear that you need to. You can damage your plumbing, especially when you get exasperated and careless, so call for a professional drain cleaning when the time comes.

  • Fill the bathtub a quarter of the way full and let drain, the force of the water will clear the drains.

  • Never pour chemicals like paint thinner down the drain it will damage the pipes.

  • Never pour candle wax down the drain, it will re harden and cause blockages.

  • Be sure to clean pop up drain stoppers often. These accumulate soap scum on the underside of them and this can cause buildup and slow draining. Pull them out and clean them regularly to make them more efficient.

  • Do not flush baby wipes, facial cleansing cloths, feminine products, or any hygiene product down the toilet. They do not dissolve and can clog your drains and damage your septic tank!

  • Brush your hair before getting into the shower. It will catch all the loose strands before they come out in the shower catching in the drain. Check this video for more tips.

  • Don’t ever flush dental floss! It seems harmless but the floss can get caught on other debris in your drains and accumulate into a large clog. Throw used floss in the wastebasket in your bathroom.

  • Don’t shave beard hair in the shower. The small hairs can clog the drain and build up over time.

  • Never pour cooking oil such as vegetable, olive, or coconut oil down your drains. They will cause build up and lead to clogged drains.

By preventing the clogging of your drains you prevent possible plumbing problems in the future. Clogged drains can lead to broken plumbing and hidden leaks that can cause large amounts of damage, corroded plumbing, and water waste. Prevention and maintenance of drains and plumbing systems is much easier than having to repair or replace systems in the future.

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