How to Fix a Noisy Faucet

Faucets that make noise are not in good working order. Some of the noises you may hear from a broken faucet are screeching, whining, or a squealing noise. If you hear banging this is not a faucet problem, but a pipe problem and you will need to contact a licensed plumber. However a noisy faucet is usually an easy fix. See below for some common causes of faucet noise and some easy fixes for it.

The most common problem that causes faucet noise is a washer that needs to be replaced. Washers are made of metal and they can often break down over time and create problems. Washers are easy to replace though and that is the good news! All you need to do to replace a washer is turn off the water to your faucet, remove the decorative caps on the hot and cold tap, then replace all the old hardware, (the washers) with new hardware and that should solve the problem.

If you replace the hardware and there is still noise then you need to check the water pressure in your home. You will need an air pressure gauge that you can get at any hardware store, and an adjustable wrench. First find the main water source pipe where all your water flows into the home. Then use the pressure gauge to check the pressure it should be between 30-55 PSI of pressure flowing into the house. If the pressure is too much or too little adjust the nut on the regulating valve on your main water line and tighten the bolt until the pressure is correct. Once you have the pressure right then all you need to do is turn the water on and make sure that the noise is gone. Check out this video for more info.

Another culprit for a noisy faucet is air in the pipes. The amount of air in pipes can frequently cause faucet noises and water hammer. If there is air in the pipes the water needs to move past it and that's where the noise comes from, the water pushing the air around and out of the way. You need to remove the air from the pipes, to do this you turn the faucet on and turn off the main water line that brings water into the house then let it run until the water stops, and all the air is pushed out with the water, then turn the faucet off and the main water valve back on, check the faucet to be sure it is clear and the sound is gone! Viola! No more screeching!

Sediment in the water line could also be what is making your faucet noisy. Take the aerator off of your faucet, the little piece when the water comes out, it usually has a screen on it and it is usually able to be screwed off. Clean out the opening of the faucet thoroughly as well as the aerator while you let the water run for a few minutes. Then put it all back together, try the water again and see if the sound is gone. This is a super easy fix. If you need more help take a look at this clip.

If you try all of these remedies and they don't work you may want to call a professional to come in and check your water pipes. It is better to be proactive about a noisy problem then wait for the problem, and the noise, to get worse!

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