Choosing the Perfect Well Pump

A well pump is an electrical appliance that has the function of extracting underground water that is in wells and deliver it to homes for use. There are different well pumps available in the market ranging from shallow jet pumps, convertible jet pumps, and deep submersible pumps. Considering that they are constantly being used, well pumps have a very long life, but eventually you'll be looking at well pump replacement.

How do you select the correct well pump for your use?

Before you go buying a well pump, you should know that wells are different in terms of depth, size, and the amount of water they hold. These differences are the ones that help determine which well water pump is appropriate for your home. You should use a well pump size selection chart to get an idea of the size that you need.

Know the types of well pumps.

Generally, there exist two types of well pumps. Knowing their differences will be helpful in selecting a pump of the right choice. The first type of pump is one which is installed out of the well, while the other one is submerged into the well.

For convertible and shallow jet pumps, they are generally installed in a separate housing out of the well, while submersible pumps are usually submerged in the well. With this in mind, your selection will be determined by the distance the water will have to move in order to reach the surface or the storage tank.

What is the well’s depth?

Here also your pump selection will greatly rely on the depth. If it is a well jet pump that is shallow, it is one that extracts water through an inlet pipe, while the deep well jet pump is that one that extracts water through a different pipe and pushes it though yet another pipe. As for the submersible pump, it only has a single pipe that will extract the water from the well to the destination, which normally a storage tank at the home.

  • If your well is not more than 25’, consider selecting a shallow well jet pump.
  • For a well of 25’ to 100’, choose a deep well jet pump.
  • If the well is 100’- 400’, then it is advisable to opt for a submersible pump.

What size is the pump?

Pumps come in various sizes that are gauged according to gallons per minute. Before you shop for a well pump, you need to be well familiar with the amount of water you'll be using in your home. For a home of about four bedrooms, a well pump of 8-12 gallons per minute is adequate. The best way to find the correct size is contacting a professional plumber to help.

Which mechanisms does the pump have?

Different models of pumps have different components. Generally, what a pump needs to have is a pressure switch. This component is responsible for turning on and off the water automatically, but subject to the pressure settings. Other important components are the check valves to prevent water from flowing back into the well when power is off, foot valve, and the safety rope to help bring out the pump from the well when maintenance is required.

Which material is it made from?

When choosing a pump, go for one which has been manufactured from quality material that is able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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