9 Ways To Deal With A Sweating Toilet

It's easier than you think!

You might think that a sweating toilet is just a minor occurrence but it can impact the rest of your bathroom. It occurs when the air around the toilet is much more humid and warm than the cold water in the bowl and tank. When warm and cold collide condensation occurs, causing beads of water to accumulate around the outside of your toilet. The condensation trickles down and collects at the base of the toilet and can leak through the floor. This can cause rot and mildew, which of course can lead to even bigger problems. It is best to address the problem of toilet condensation and fix it. Check out the tips below to learn how to fix a sweating toilet.

  1. Toilet Tank Insulators: this simple device keeps the water in your toilet tank warmer so there will be less of a contrast between the temperature of the toilet water and the temperature of the air. You can DIY this by checking out this video.

  2. A Dehumidifier: By running a dehumidifier in your bathroom you will be able to remove some of the humidity from the air, resulting in less condensation.

  3. An Air Conditioner: Running an air conditioner in the bathroom during the summer will cool the whole room down and make the temperature of the water in the toilet and the air around the bathroom more compatible so that you won't get condensation.

  4. An Anti-Sweat Valve: You can add an anti-sweat valve to your toilet’s water line. It is a little valve that adds a little bit of warm water to your toilet tank, warming up the water in the toilet and eliminating condensation. If you're having a plumber do your toilet installation, ask him to put one of these in. Check out a video on how these work here.

  5. A Toilet Tank Cover: Toilet tank covers are decorative and made of fabric, this will catch the condensation before it reaches the floor keeping your floor dry. This is important because a wet floor can cause damage to your bathroom and toilet with rusting bolts and rot under the tiles. Rot from moisture is a very expensive repair, and a wet floor breeds mold which can spread throughout the house. A fairly passive solution, this is probably also one of the more low-cost methods for eco-friendly plumbing.

  6. Install a Drip Tray: There is a small device that can prevent dripping water from falling onto the floor, you just install it onto the back of your toilet. You have to be sure to empty it and replace it often, but it is an easy answer to your sweaty toilet problem.

  7. Take Cooler Showers: On humid days, hot water creates a steamy room which will cause condensation on the toilet, by lowering the temperature of your shower you will eliminate condensation.

  8. Use the Bathroom Fan: By using the bathroom fan and leaving the door ajar to draw out the hot air during your shower, you decrease the chances of condensation gathering on your toilet.

  9. Let Hot Air Dissipate: When you flush the toilet the tank refills the bowl with cold water. By delaying this you delay the possibility of condensation.

There are several ways to deal with a sweating toilet and most of them a fairly easy to employ. Don’t let a sweating, dripping toilet continue, because the damage that could happen as a result is much worse than the small amount of effort it will take to prevent it.

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