5 Causes Of Baseboard Heater Noise

It may not be what you think! Baseboard heaters can be very vocal and the reasons behind the buzzing, banging, and gargling is not always what you think. Most people think that these noises can spell a large home repair bill but the answer is usually something simpler and can be an easy fix! Read below to see the most common types of baseboard noise, the usual culprits, and the easiest fix.

Below we will discuss the top five reasons for baseboard heater noise.

  1. If your baseboard heater is buzzing or humming it might sound like something is wrong with your heating system but the reality is that the heater itself may not be attached correctly to the wall. It could have been bent by the environment or just warped overtime. For example, if the house settled it could cause the baseboard heater to lift off of the wall. The best remedy is to find the piece that is producing the noise and reattach it to eliminate the noise.

  2. Baseboards can also make a loud gurgling noise that can be very distracting and unnerving. The problem can be air in your pipes or boiler. While this is not a major boiler repair issue, you'll still want to get a plumber to purge the air from your heating system. When air gets trapped and the water needs to move through it, which is what produces the gurgling noise. The best idea is to have a boiler professional come and diagnosis the issue. If you do try to do this yourself, try the techniques in this video.

  3. Dirt can cause baseboard heater noise! Over time without proper cleaning dirt and debris can settle into the fins and slats of the baseboard and cause tings and creaking sounds to come from them. This is not hard to do yourself, as you can see from this video. To remedy the situation is to take off the cap and use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to thoroughly clean the fins and under the heater, then replace the caps and voila! No more noise!

  4. Baseboard heaters have fins inside of them that allow the heat to come through and heat your room. These fins can get bent and when the heat comes on the metal rubs together and creates a buzzing noise. The best thing to do is to purchase an inexpensive “fin comb” from your local hardware or plumbing store and gently straighten out any bent fins you can see. Make sure you are gentle because you can do even more damage if you break the fin. When all fins are straight replace the heater covers and you should have no more noise.

  5. Moving and rubbing pipes can cause a thumping noise, also known as water hammer. Placing a piece of PVC piping between the heating element and the wall or floor can prevent the pipe from moving and making too much noise.

There can be many reasons for baseboard noise but the most common can be anything from damaged baseboards, dirt, and air. Baseboards, like any other element of your home need proper care and cleaning. When your baseboards are well taken care of your home will be quiet and serene, giving you a more peaceful house, and more peace of mind.

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